Custom earplugs

Your hearing is priceless. Whether you're a musician or an industrial worker, or require protection for swimming, shooting or hunting, our personalised earplugs are specifically crafted for your ears only, for the highest protection.

How to order

First, we’ll take custom impressions from both of your ears. This means we’ll insert a ‘casting’ material in your ear canals in order to capture its unique anatomy.

Your earplugs will then be custom made by our proudly local supplier, Pacific Ears. These usually take around 10-15 days to arrive. You’ll then return for a follow-up appointment to ensure the fit is comfortable and snug.

For more information

Browse the full range of products available here or give us a call on (03) 9391 9116.

custom ear plugs, musicians ear plugs, DJs, in ear monitors

Musician Earplugs

Designed to protect hearing from overexposure to loud sounds while still allowing natural communication, custom musician earplugs can be worn while practising, performing and listening to music. Find out more

noise cancelling ear plugs, industrial noise cancelling hearing protection

Custom Hearing Protection

With a wide range of filters available, these custom noise cancelling earplugs are tailored to your needs. Find out more

In ear monitors

In Ear Monitors

State-of-the-art In Ear Monitors (IEMs) allow performing musicians to enjoy the perfect sound quality in even the noisiest environment. Find out more

swimming ear plugs, swim plugs, avoid water in ear while swimming

Swim Plugs

Ideal for swimmers and surfers, especially individuals prone to ear infections or middle ear conditions, these waterproof plugs prevent water entering the inside of the ear. Find out more

Sleep ear plugs, noise cancelling during sleep

Sleep Plugs

Perfect for shift workers and light sleepers, these durable silicon plugs are soft and comfortable – and they won’t fall out. Find out more