Industrial Earplugs

Starting From
$ 290.00 AUD

Give your ears the proper protection they require from exposure to loud noises with a set of unique industrial strength ear plugs. At earLAB, our specialists have been custom fitting ear plugs for residents all across Melbourne, ensuring they have the best possible protection when surrounded by loud and potentially damaging noises.

By completing an impression of your ear first, our team here at earLAB will be able to create the perfect, customised industrial ear plugs that fit comfortably in your ear. With a vast range of designs and noise level protection options to choose from, our specialists can create the most ideal solution that suits your specific needs.

Industrial Hearing Protection

Whether you work in construction, with music or around heavy machinery, having a set of custom-made industrial ear plugs will ensure you are giving your eardrums the protection they require from loud, ear-piercing noises. Unfortunately, there is still a vast majority of workers in hazardous and loud environments who do not wear any form of hearing protection.

At earLAB, we are determined to change that by designing high quality industrial ear plugs that will prevent irreversible hearing impairment issues in the future. Not only will this reduce your chances of developing noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), but it will also ensure you won’t have to invest in a pair of expensive hearing aids down the track.

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