Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Click here book an appointment.

Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Book Online.

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Ear wax removal and custom earplugs in Melbourne’s east and west

"earLAB exists to reduce the cost of hearing loss for individuals by delaying its appearance and reducing its severity"

• Launched in August 2018 by Lisa boasting over 15 years of expertise in the hearing and product industries.
• Lisa started as a sole clinician and now leads a thriving team of Audiologists and various departments.
earLAB  (trade marked) champions a proactive approach when it comes to taking care of ears and hearing.
• Unlike audiology clinics, which mainly concentrate on managing hearing loss, earLAB is dedicated exclusively to preventive measures.
18,732 pair of ears seen as of March 2024

Blocked ears are a common problem, affecting up to 57% of the population. And if you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be.

In fact, studies on Ear health in Australia indicate 37% of Australians have noise related ear damage which could lead to long term problems like memory loss and depression. In the long run earLAB aims to drastically improve this statistic

When wax gets impacted, it affects your hearing, feels uncomfortably full and plugged, and may even cause pain.

That’s why earLAB exists. We’re experts in unblocking ears, using the safest, fastest and most technically advanced method of ear wax removal in Melbourne: microsuction.

We also offer custom hearing protection products to help prevent hearing loss from excessive noise exposure. Whether you are a musician, construction worker, shooting enthusiast, motor sport driver, swimmer or a surfer, we have the that would fit your need.

Sole Distributor of ACS Custom ear plugs products in AUS and NZ

earLAB is the sole distributor of custom and universal hearing protection products from ACS which is the leading global brand in Custom Hearing Protection.

We offer products specifically designed for many industries and personal use to combat adverse impacts of noise and long-term noise induced hearing. Our ground-breaking fibre attenuation technology offers great protection but doesn't impact sound quality and communication which results in higher uptake by the wearer and longer safe exposure time in loud noise situations.

They incorporate their technology into their medical grade silicone ear plugs, achieving great comfort levels for the wearer.

We can now offer ACS Custom product across Australia, including SydneyBrisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Hobart.

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