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Custom Fit Earplugs Brisbane

Looking for a new pair of custom made earplugs in Brisbane? Don’t worry, we’ve got exactly what you need! Enjoy the best quality earplugs online, shipped to your door. To get your hands on your own pair of custom earplugs, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Order your ACS earplugs through our store.
2. Go to your local audiologist in Brisbane for an ear impression (feel free to reach out for recommendations if you aren’t sure)
3. Send us your ear mould so we can make your custom earplugs

A woman from Brisbane wearing custom earplugs

Our most popular custom earplugs

ACS SleepSound earplugs

ACS Sleepsound

Sleep longer by blocking out background noise including traffic and snoring partners.

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ACS Pro Aquaaz earplugs

acs pro-aquaz

Keep water out and let sound in. Perfect for swimmers and surfers.

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ACS Pro Impulse earplugs

acs pro impulse

Hear your surrounding environment and talk to your friends while blocking out gunfire.

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ACS Pro 17 earplugs

acs pro 17

Our most versatile option. Perfect for musicians and concerts.

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ACS Pro 31 earplugs

acs pro 31

Designed for extreme environments such as construction, factories and heavy weather.

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ACS Total Block earplugs

acs total block

Need to block out absolutely everything? This is the right choice.

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A girl in Brisbane sleeping with sleep earplugs

Sleep Longer & Deeper With Sleeping Earplugs

Do you ever dream of a perfect night of sleep? Our custom-fit sleep earplugs help you improve your quality of sleep by softening background noise. If you are a regular traveller, night shift worker, suffer from light sleep or have a partner who snores a little too loud, you’ll fall in love with our custom sleep plugs.

The main features of ACS Sleeping Ear Plugs:
• Smart Design: Custom made to fit your ears, with a small design that doesn't poke out of your ears.
• Multiple Options: Pick the 25 shore if you’re a side sleeper or have sensitive ears, or pick the 40 shore for maximum noise reduction.
• Comfortable Fit: Made from soft medical grade silicone that can comfortably sit in your ears for hours.

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A DJ in Brisbane with musician earplugs

Enjoy The Music With Concert & Musician Earplugs

Are you a music lover? Whether you’re breaking down some moves on the dance floor, strumming your guitar on stage or mixing in the studio, ensuring your ears are protected is crucial. Our custom-fit musician and concert earplugs were built specifically to preserve sound quality but reduce danger from loud sounds.

The main features of ACS Custom Musician Ear Plugs:
• Precision Fit: We use ear impressions to perfectly fit the unique shape of your ear canal.
• High-Fidelity Filters: Enjoy music without distortion. Our filters maintain clarity while lowering volume.
• Discreet Design: Our custom earplugs are small and sleek, with a variety of options to choose from.

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A swimmer in Brisbane with swimming earplugs

Protects Your Ears From Water With Swimming Earplugs

Never get water in your ears again! Our swimming earplugs help you keep the water out to prevent ear infections and swimmer’s ear. No matter if you’re a professional swimmer or taking a quick dip, these custom-fit ear plugs will work wonders.

The main features of ACS Custom Swimming Ear Plugs:
• Genius Design: Soft and flexible material that lets sound in but keeps water out. ACS earplugs float in water to ensure you won’t lose them.
• Customised for You: No more one-size-fits-all discomfort. Get earplugs moulded specifically for your ears.
• Perfect For All Ears: Comfortable for hours, no matter the size or shape of your ear. Great for anyone with a perforation or a grommet.

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A girl in a firing range in Brisbane with shooting earplugs

block out gunfire With Shooting Earplugs

Are you a hunter, sports shooter or firearm enthusiast? If so, listen up! Our custom-fit shooting earplugs are exactly what you need. By activating only during sudden high-volume sounds, you can still hear your friends and surroundings while protecting your ears from hearing damage.

The main features of ACS Custom Shooting Ear Plugs:
• Acoustic Filters: Specifically designed to reduce sudden high-volume sounds while preserving normal hearing in all other situations.
• Secure Fit: A custom fit ensures that the earplugs won’t fall out from movement or recoil.
• Durable Construction: Soft silicone that is made to last. Tested in all environments and comfortable for up to 12 hours.

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A live performer in Brisbane with in-ear monitors

Portable & Compact Custom In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

Ready to take your love of music to the next level? Our custom fit in ear monitors (IEMs) produce studio-quality sound directly to your ears. Fall in love with crisp audio during live music events, recording sessions or while bopping along to your favourite song at home.

The main features of ACS Custom In Ear Monitors:
• Studio-Grade Sound: High-fidelity sound quality and low-frequency response.
• Maximum Performance: Hear off-mic cues on stage and minimise the occlusion effect.
• Custom Comfort: Forget bulky headphones—our custom-made IEMs fit like a dream.

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A man in Brisbane with industrial earplugs

Industrial Earplugs - Heavy Grade Hearing Protection

In an industrial setting, disposable earplugs simply won’t cut it. Our custom-fit industrial earplugs were designed to tackle the loudest environments, providing you with maximum protection. Whether you’re using a drill or a manufacturing machine, the ACS Pro series will help protect your ears from extreme noise levels.

The main features of ACS Custom Industrial Ear Plugs:
• Heavy Grade: Designed to withstand industrial noise.
• Long-Term Comfort: Wear them all day without discomfort.
• Small Design: Fits comfortably under helmets and can be worn under earmuffs for extra protection.

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If you aren’t sure which earplugs you should invest in, call us on (03) 9428 2485 or reach out to our team at reception@earlab.com.au for advice.