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Ideal for a better sleep or those with snoring partners

SleepSound was created to help you sleep without any noise distractions. Great if you are on the night shift or you need to block out that snoring partner.

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SleepSound earbuds help with better sleep

Many people have difficulty sleeping due either to their snoring partner, unnatural work pattern or because of living in a noisy environment and it can have very real consequences for your long term well-being. The Sleepsound plug is a custom mould specially designed for sleeping. It will reduce noise like snoring and traffic noise substantially while you are still able to hear the alarm clock and smoke alarm go off. Unlike foam plugs these earplugs don’t work their way out of your ears while sleeping.

SleepSound sleep plugs were developed initially for shift workers who needed to sleep during the daytime, however users reported their effectiveness at reducing the level of their partners snoring to a degree where it became possible for them to sleep soundly without distraction.

A snoring partner? Sleep during the daytime? Custom made SleepSound Earplugs reduce the level of noise and will help sleeping.

SleepSound earplugs can be worn comfortably all night

The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user. Sleep Sound earplugs are no exception and user acceptance is very high, each pair being individually crafted under the strictest conditions from exact impressions of the users’ ears. Constructed from a very soft durable silicone, SleepSound earpieces are cut in such a way that it can be worn comfortably within the ear all night. SleepSound is produced in transparent yellow as standard.

Sleep plugs fit nicely into your canal, and so they are comfortable to lie on.

SleepSound plugs are the best earplugs for sleeping. They can reduce the sound of snoring and loud sounds like road noises and barking dogs significantly. Even more comfortable than before! Softer material for more comfort. Choose a color of clear or transparent yellow.

Please be aware that SleepSound is not guaranteed to reduce ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a standard foam earplug. It will however offer greater comfort and fit. Laying with the ear on a pillow might affect the comfort.

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