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Ear wax removal and custom earplugs

Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing through custom earplugs

We offer personalised state of the art earplugs with perfect fit. Our range includes noise cancelling, in ear monitors, musician, swimming and sleeping earplugs.

Custom & Comfortable | Hearing protection | Reduce Wastage

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Unblocking your ears to gain your hearing back

We’re the experts in unblocking ears, using the safest, fastest and most technically advanced method of ear wax removal: microsuction.

Wax Removal | Improve Hearing | Remove Discomfort

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Protecting your teams hearing

51% of construction workers have been exposed to hazardous noise however only 49% of workers in noise-exposed environments wear some form of hearing protection.

About 25% of noise-exposed tested Construction workers have a material hearing impairment.4 Hearing impairment is hearing loss that impacts day-to-day activities.

  • About 14% of construction workers experience hearing difficulty
  • 7% of construction workers have tinnitus
  • 16% of noise-exposed tested Construction workers have hearing impairment in both ears.
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Meet our dedicated and passionate team helping our customers with custom hearing protection and microsuction solutions.

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