Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Click here to learn more.

Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Book now.

Custom Ear Moulds & 3D Scanning

Ear Impressions

Using medically graded silicone make perfect custom fit ear plugs.

3D scanning & ear impressions service at earLAB

What are ear impressions?

Ear impressions are essentially model imprints of your ear. These moulds are required to customise all custom ear plugs and Custom In Ears Monitors to specific dimensions of your ears.

How are ear impressions taken?

Soft medically graded silicone is slowly injected into the outer ear and left to cure for a few minutes. Once the impression material has cured, it is delicately taken out to reveal the shape of the ear. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

A custom ear mould for a customer

Why are they needed?

Ears are as unique as fingerprints, no two ears are the same! It’s this unique feature that sets our products apart from the rest and is why we feel all in-ear products are best custom made. Ear impressions are the blueprint used by custom ear plugs manufacturers and are essentially what enable them to make their products a perfect fit to your ears and the ultimate in sound isolation. To get the best performance and sound from your new custom hearing protections and in-ear monitors, it is essential that we get a high quality impression of your ears. This requires a high quality silicone mould of your ears taken past the second bend.

Can earLAB take impressions even if I buy my custom ear plugs or IEMs from another manufacturer including digital 3D scan?

Yes we can, just book an ear impressions taking appointment on our website. We charge $80 for this service. We will examine your ears to ensure they are healthy and clean before taking the impressions. We can also create a 3D scan of the impressions and produce the .stl files. The cost of 3D scans is $70 if impressions are done by earLAB. If impressions were sourced from somewhere else the 3D scan costs $100.

If there is impacted ear wax, we’ll need to remove it before proceeding. (Please note there’s an additional charge if microsuction is required.)

At earLAB we ensure the impressions are:

  • Full anatomy of the ear
  • Past the second bend of the ear canal
  • Free of voids
  • Made with an open jaw using a 1” bite block - some manufactures required this process (you will need to advice us at the appointment)


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Since you already have my impressions on file, is there a possibility of receiving a discount?
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Do we conduct ear impressions for children aged 5 and under?
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Who will carry out the ear impression taking?
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