Swimming earplugs

SwimFit earplugs for keeping water out of the ear canal.

  • SwimFit plugs are ideal for anyone with grommets, ear drum perforations, “swimmer’s ear” or other infections and problems of the ear canal/middle ear.
  • Individuals who have a hole in their ear drum (such as a perforation or a grommet) run the risk of letting germs and bacteria into their middle ear when exposed to large amounts of water
  • Block water from entering the ear canal and middle ear system
  • Prevent water-related ear infections, ear pain, “swimmer’s ear” and many more problems
  • Are custom moulded to the shape of your ears, for a comfortable fit and tight seal.
  • Are light and can float so you won’t lose them
  • Are available in different colours – make a statement, be discreet or find them easily

Swim plugs from ACS give you a custom made seal that keeps water out of your ear whilst swimming. Made from floatable silicone, your Swim plugs are buoyant so that they are easily found if dropped or if the fall in water. With a complete custom made seal and a full shell design ACS Swim plugs give you a snug and secure seal against water ingress. Available in red or blue colours which can be mixed and matched to make it easier for identifying between left and right ear.