Terms & Conditions

Guarantee on ACS products

Our supplier for ACS products is Pacific Ears Australia Pty Ltd. Pacific Ears guarantees all custom ACS and Pacific Ears Australia Pty Ltd branded products for defective manufacturing, material/component failure for one year from the date of purchase. You will need to supply the original invoice number when making a claim under warranty.

Not covered under warranty are damage due to abuse, cable damage, blockage due to wax or debris in the earpiece, or damage or alterations due to attempts to modify or rectify by unauthorised persons.

For all products: We can only guarantee the fit and sound seal if the impressions were taken recently (within last three years) by earLAB. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Returns/refunds policy

Custom made products cannot be returned for a refund. We do however remake or rework any earpiece returned due to poor fit within 30 days of purchase.

Please note that the price paid for a custom-made product is made up of several products, services and other elements, like: Appointment for an ear examination and impression taking; Shipping of ear impressions; Manufacturing of custom moulds; Acoustical filters, accessories and packaging; Shipping of the final product.

Most of the costs are for (external) services that are non-refundable and not a “product” as such. Buying a custom product means that you accept that paying for several products and services in one summarised price.

In the rare case that the product doesn't fit well, we will refund the amount paid for the product minus the postage and payment fees.

Filters (as long as they are in new condition) can be changed once within 30 days of purchase. Removal pins on ER ear plugs come without any warranty on breaking off. When you order the product you waive your right to claim when they break off by misuse or other as that is not covered under our warranty.

Other conditions

In case the client cancels an order, administration fees and other costs or fees (like appointments) might be deducted from a refund. Impression taking appointments for custom made products need to be arranged within 3 months from purchase. After this period the order will be cancelled and amount paid will be refunded minus administration fee of $25AUD. If you think you can’t be fitted within this time frame please contact us immediately so we can make other arrangements.

All custom made products are normally available for pick up or shipping within 10 working days after the impression taking appointment. This is not a guarantee for delivery within a certain time frame as all custom made products are uniquely shaped and manufactured so it can sometimes take a bit longer to make a perfect pair for you.

All custom products ordered online or in person must be paid in advance. The following conditions apply:

  • Prices can change without notice.
  • Written quotes remain valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.
  • Photos published on our website are indicative only. Colour/shape and engravings can differ.


Our earplugs are intended to assist in the prevention of hearing damage only and are not intended to be a total prevention solution. They must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions provided, failure to use them in accordance with our directions (or the directions of your hearing professional or any other involved professional or regulation) may result in permanent hearing damage and all liability is waived in this respect. The earplugs are intended to be part of a total protection solution and are not intended to be a standalone prevention solution.

We would like you to be completely satisfied. If, for any reason, you experience difficulties or are not satisfied with the product or services you receive from us, please let us know.

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