Get 20% off all custom earplugs and IEMs! Use the discount code CHRISTMAS20 in the checkout.

Get 20% off all custom earplugs and IEMs! Discount code = CHRISTMAS20

Total Block

hear as little surrounding noise as possible

When you need to block out as much sound as possible with little ambient awareness required.

$ 180.00 AUD
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Total Block
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We don't recommend the ACS Total Block Earplugs for wearing whilst asleep as the shape of the plug and the harder silicone may cause discomfort, particularly for side sleepers.

NOTE: ACS Total Block Earplugs require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit. The ear impression service is provided free of charge when you purchase a custom-made product direct from earLAB.

Product features

  • Approximately 30 - 33dB reduction of ambient noise for 60 shore silicone and 29 - 31dB reduction of ambient noise for 40 shore silicone.
  • Standard Clear Silicone is built from 60 shore medical grade silicone finished with a hard wearing flexible lacquer. Optional silicone colours are made from 40 shore medical grade silicone.
  • Translucent Clear 60 shore is the standard silicone colour.

Accessories Included

  • ACS Carry Case
  • ACS Comfort Cream
  • Care and Usage Instructions

Need help

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact earLAB at or call us on Richmond 0394282485 Footscray 0393177567

We will be happy to help.

Please note: We are unable to provide custom impressions for children under the age of 5.


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