MaxBlock custom canal earplugs

hear as little surrounding noise as possible

Max Block custom fit earplugs. When you need to block out as much sound as possible with little ambient awareness required.

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MaxBlock custom canal earplugs
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Max Block earplugs are custom-made canal plugs, thus ensuring an optimal fit. When you need to block out as much sound as possible, with little ambient awareness required.

Max Block earplug Features

  • Solid canal earplug with handgrip
  • Offer a high reduction of ambient noise, approximately 30-33dB reduction*
  • Built from 40 Shore medical grade silicone finished with a hard wearing flexible lacquer
  • Translucent Clear is the standard silicone colour (available in a range of colours at no additional charge)

Accessories Included

  • Zip Carry Case
  • Tube of Comfort Cream
  • Care and Usage Instructions

* Please be aware that Max Block plugs are not guaranteed to reduce the ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a standard foam earplug. It will, however, offer greater comfort and fit.

* Please indicate in the remark field when you order which colour you like. Standard, these earplugs come in clear.

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