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Evolve Classic Triple Driver – In Ear Monitor

Delivers a truly reference quality, high fidelity IEM. Well-balanced, detailed and accurate sounding IEM. Great for Keyboard players, Sound Engineers and Guitar Players.

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Evolve Classic Triple Driver – In Ear Monitor
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ACS Evolve Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors

The Evolve In-Ear Monitor features a triple driver, 3-way crossover configuration delivering clear, well defined low end, incredibly detailed midrange and accurate highs with no harmonic distortion. To make things even better we have now introduced our exclusive SSI technology to the Evolve.

Our redesigned cable and mounting system ensures excellent durability and gives the Evolve Monitor a great new look.

Evolve Triple Driver Monitors – A well-balanced, detailed and accurate sounding IEM

In-ear monitors with the latest technology

We have introduced our patent-pending IRIS and exclusive SSI technology across our entire IEM line-up.

IRIS – Intelligent Resonance in Silicone is a patent-pending technology we have created to maximise the potential of miniature balanced armature speakers. IRIS construction methods allow for very precise acoustic tuning to deliver our unique ACS sound signature. IRIS brings an added dimension to music in a way that mimics the warm, lush and open sound that valve amplifiers provide.
SSI – Sound Stage Imaging is a tuning technique achieved by using our own purpose-designed manifold technology. Implemented into our custom and universal in-earphones, SSI positions the audio into a wider array than other earphones, bringing a superbly defined and very detailed response to further enhance your listening experience, positioning all the instruments as if you were sitting in front of the stage listening to the live performance.

ACS Evolve Triple Driver Custom Ear Monitors with Medical grade soft silicone for maximum isolation

The ACS Evolve IEM’s come with the highest quality Kevlar cables

The cable fitted to your ACS monitors is of the highest quality. Manufactured to our own specification, each cable contains 80 strands of 100% oxygen-free copper with each strand plated in pure silver. Aramid fibres (Kevlar) are woven into the twists to provide exceptional pulling strength and breaking strain. The sheathing on the cable is treated to dismiss harmful UV rays and will not discolour or oxidise like many other inferior cables. The design of the cable provides the best connectivity between your audio source and the earphones. When the cable is fitted in the lab it has optimum contact to the cable socket, therefore we strongly recommend that you don’t disconnect the cable unless it requires replacing.

Evolve IEM’s – a high quality, high fidelity In-Ear Monitor

Combining the latest ACS technologies and the new detachable cable system the Evolve IEM delivers a truly reference quality, high fidelity In-Ear Monitor. If you are looking for a well-balanced, detailed and accurate sounding IEM without breaking the bank then the Evolve is the one for you.

The Revivo2 is included as standard with all new IEMs purchased.
Option for colour and laser etching (we can etch up to 10 characters on the moulds) is free of charge. If colour is not chosen on order, translucent clear will be made as the standard colour for the product
NOTE: The Translucent slate grey and translucent yellow colour have recently been discontinued

Interstate orders

This product requires an ear impression. If you are in Melbourne, you can get your ear impression through earLAB. If you are outside of Melbourne, please follow our impression taking guidelines.


No. of Drivers                    3,(single low, single mid, single high)

Build Material                    40 Shore, custom fit, medical-grade silicone moulds finished with a hard-wearing flexible lacquer

Mould Type/s                    Full-Concha

Cable Exit Options          Top (over-ear)

Cable Type                         Detachable cable with a 2 pin connection and a memory ear hook

Cable                                     1.3m

Noise Isolation                  Straight 3.5mm Gold-plated

Frequency Range            20hz-20Khz

Sensitivity @ 1Khz          119.9db

Impedance @ 1Khz         48ohms

Items Included                  Carry pouch, wax pick, care and usage instructions, comfort cream, step-up jack connector adaptor

The ACS In Ear monitor range

The Evolve Triple Driver Monitors offer a fantastic range and clarity of sound and are custom made for your comfort.

There are other options, high quality monitors, in the ACS range as well. Here is an overview so you can make the choice that suits your needs.

  1. Evoke 2 – an entry-level in-ear monitor with professional specification.
  2. Engage – a great value professional all-rounder, well-balanced, detailed, and accurate sounding IEM.
  3. Evolve Triple Driver Monitors – An excellent quality, high fidelity In-Ear-Monitor with a well-balanced, detailed and accurate sound.
  4. Emotion Five Driver Monitors – High-quality audio – Delivering deep hard-hitting bass, smooth, balanced mids and crisp detailed highs.

ACS Evoke Custom – We have re-engineered our single driver In-Ear Monitor to take advantage of the latest technology available.

Care and maintenance of your Evolve Triple Driver Monitors

Our manufacturer make the in-ear monitors with pride and like all things worth having, they are worth looking after. Just follow these simple rules and you should receive many years of trouble-free service.

  • Check the sound ducts after each use and use the wire pick supplied to remove any ear wax that has made its way into the tubing
  • Never use the cables to remove the IEMs – this will eventually put a strain on the connector and will damage the cable
  • Ensure moisture from either humidity or sweat is removed straight after use

Need more information

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact earLAB at reception@earlab.com.au or call us on 0394282485 Richmond or 0393177567 Footscray

We will be happy to help.

Please note: We are unable to provide custom impressions for children under the age of 5.