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Is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?

Is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?

Everything you need to know about sleeping with earplugs

As the world gets louder and louder, more people are looking for a quieter way to sleep. An easy solution to block out the noise is to sleep with earplugs. But is it actually safe? In this post we’ll explore the safest ways to sleep with earplugs in, and the potential dangers if you use the wrong types of earplugs.

What are the benefits of sleeping with earplugs?

Sleeping with earplugs can significantly improve your sleep. By blocking out surrounding sounds (such as construction, music or loud snoring) you can fall asleep quicker and easier. Not only this, but you will stay asleep throughout the night. Your sleep will be mostly uninterrupted which help you sleep longer.

On top of this, your quality of sleep will greatly improve, which is almost just as important as your amount of sleep. Loud sounds can snap you out of deep sleep, which has a lasting effect. Even if you wake up for a second, it will take time for your body to get back to your previous state.

Low quality sleep can cause a variety of problems, including strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and depression. All of this can be prevented by consistently having a good night’s sleep.

Is it safe to sleep with earplugs in?

Earplugs are, for the most part, safe to sleep with (if you use the right type of earplugs). If you use earplugs to help you sleep every single night, you may get a buildup of earwax which can cause problems such as temporary hearing loss, ear infections and tinnitus. Fortunately this is easily preventable with the right precautions. When you start to notice your ears feeling full, or if your ears feel any pain or itchiness, you should get your ears cleaned.

Removing earwax is a relatively straightforward process. You can visit an audiologist at earLAB who specialise in removing earwax with microsuciton, which is a quick and easy way to clean your ears.

What kind of earplugs should you use?

We recommend buying earplugs that are custom made for sleeping. By using regular foam earplugs, you could damage your hears in the long run. Rather than a simple barrier, our Sleep Sound earplugs are specifically designed for noise-cancelling, and are custom fitted to the shape of your ear. They are created using a very soft durable silicone which can be worn comfortably for long periods of time and will last for years. We have also removed the concha portion of the earplug so that it sits in the ear canal, which is perfect for side sleepers and provides a secure fit all night long.

Can sleeping with earplugs damage your ears?

Sleeping with earplugs shouldn’t damage your ears, but overtime it can push your earwax back which will create a buildup. This can cause problems such as temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. If you get your ears cleaned regularly, and use the right type of earplugs, then it is perfectly safe to sleep with earplugs in. 

Can sleeping with earplugs cause sinus problems or vertigo?

Sleeping with earplugs won’t cause sinus problems or vertigo on its own. However, consistently using earplugs can cause earwax buildup, which can cause ear infections, and in a rare and extreme case spread to your sinuses or cause vertigo (amongst other issues). By regularly cleaning your ears, you shouldn’t experience any ear problems from sleeping with earplugs.

Where can I buy sleeping earplugs?

We recommend buying ACS earplugs. ACS is the UK’s leading provider of earplugs, and their sleeping earplugs were voted #1 by The Telegraph. You can get ACS earplugs through earLAB, Australia and New Zealand’s sole distributor. Buy online through our website or call us for more information.