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Tinnitus Awareness Week 2024

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2024

Do you ever hear a constant ringing, buzzing or whooshing sound that refuses to be silenced? If so, you’re not alone. One in three Australians live with some degree of tinnitus, a condition that can be isolating, frustrating and even debilitating. That’s why every year we support Tinnitus Week.

What is Tinnitus Awareness Week?

Tinnitus Awareness Week helps spread awareness, information and support to those who live with tinnitus, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

Throughout this week, healthcare professionals, organisations and individuals work together to promote information about tinnitus, provide support to those who suffer from it, and share tips for managing and coping with this condition.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is described as hearing sounds despite there being no external source of the noise, otherwise known as phantom sounds. These sounds can take many different forms, such as ringing, buzzing, humming, whooshing, or other noises. Tinnitus is often a symptom for an underlying issue such as hearing loss or loud noise exposure. 

When is Tinnitus Awareness Week 2024?

Tinnitus Awareness Week is hosted on the first full week of February. This year, it is from Monday the 5th of February to Sunday the 11th of February.

How To Get Involved

There are a variety of ways you can help out and get involved with Tinnitus Awareness Week. Some of these ways include:

  • Spreading Information: Share any knowledge and resources you have available for tinnitus. If you need to expand your knowledge, you can learn more from the Tinnitus Australia website.
  • Support Help Organisations: Consider making a donation to tinnitus support groups/organisations, or volunteer your time to research and support groups.
  • Talk About Tinnitus: Engage in conversations with your friends and family about tinnitus, including the impact it can have on the individuals who suffer from it and how you can prevent it.
  • Research Coping Strategies: Learn about the various techniques and coping strategies you can use to help manage tinnitus.
  • Post on Social Media: Join in on the discussion online through social media, and use some of these hashtags: #TinnitusAwareness #TinnitusSupport #Tinnitus #HearTheNoise #SilenceTheRinging #TinnitusResearch

Where You Can Donate

If you would like to donate, you can do so through Soundfair and Tinnitus Australia. Any money you can spare counts, and plays a vital role in funding research and providing assistance to those who suffer from tinnitus.