Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Click here to learn more.

Microsuction is the safest and fastest ear cleaning method available. Learn more.

Medicare rebates for hearing tests

Medicare rebates for hearing tests

As of 2023, the government has introduced some much needed modifications to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), which includes audiology. This reformation, which went into effect as of the 1st of March 2023, helps broaden access of Medicare rebates, and allows any of our customers to access it (with some preparation).

Before this, Australians could only claim a Medicare rebate for hearing assessments with a referral from a neurologist or ENT specialist. With these new modifications, you can now claim Medicare rebates for certain audiology services (such as hearing tests) with just a GP referral. 

Although these rebates do not cover the full cost of the hearing assessment (since this service is not bulk billed), they make it much more affordable and accessible, which is an important step towards proper ear care in Australia. It will also allow individuals to skip over free or online hearing test, and instead opt for something that will give a full and unbiased assessment of their hearing.

Please keep in mind that a GP referral (which mentions the MBS items) is required for each appointment to take advantage of the rebate. While hearing tests are accessible without a GP referral, if you attend the assessment before getting a referral then you may not be eligible to claim the Medicare rebate. Additionally, Medicare will only assist with the cost of one hearing test every 12 months.

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