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How to get a proper fit of earphones and why it matters

How to get a proper fit of earphones and why it matters

If you wear earphones, you might be intrigued to discover that not all earphones are created equally - in size and shape, that is! Just like the shape and size of our ears, a wide range of earphones are available, and getting the right fit is essential.

Why do you need good-fitting earphones?

Ill-fitted earphones can result in worse sound quality, poorer isolation, and discomfort. Even the finest in-ear headphones, or earphones, may sound terrible and become uncomfortable if they're too tight, too loose, or aren't positioned correctly in your ear. 

Suppose you just purchased new earphones or want to get more out of your old ones. In that case, the most critical thing you can do to improve the quality of your music is to obtain a proper fit. Not only will the earbuds operate as intended, but a good seal will block out more external noise. This means you won't have to turn up the volume as much. As a result, you can avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Furthermore, a proper fit ensures that the earbuds will stay in place as you work out, stroll about, or make other forms of movement. It may seem obvious, but the benefits of a correct fit are enormous, especially if you want to utilise wireless earphones.

Here is some illustrations [Images courtesy of Lantos Technology| US and Presenters Brian Fligor, ScD] to make the point about custom earplugs versus non-custom.

Non-custom earbuds

📷 1 Non-custom earbuds allow low frequencies to enter and escape through gaps between the ear canal and the headphone.

bendy ear

📷 2 The high frequencies can be absorbed rather than bend around sharp bends in a curvy ear canal fit with a non-custom earbud.

well-fit custom product

📷 3 In a well-fit custom product, regardless of the shape of the ear canal, the fidelity is maintained. Fidelty of music is maintained in a custom earplug.

How to ensure your earphones fit

Select the appropriate ear tip size and material

The key to a great earphone fit is the correct ear tip size. So experiment with the silicone or foam tips that come with your earbuds. Foam tips are more tolerant of size variances, making them an excellent choice for difficult-to-fit ears.

Additionally, one ear may be somewhat bigger than the other, demanding the use of different size tips for every ear. Check the fit of the tips that come with your headphones to see whether you'll need more than one size before investing in additional tips.

Choose the right earphone style

The shape and style of the earbuds also play a role in determining the correct fit. Some have ear hooks or earwings that slide into your outer ear ridges. This relieves pressure on your ear canal and provides a more secure fit.

Similarly, earphones come in various styles, ranging from single-flange to double-flange or even triple-flange. These provide a complete seal but may be more uncomfortable to wear. You'd have to experiment to find the right style for you.

Seat the ear tip firmly

For optimum sound, seal your ear canal with the ear tip. Note that merely inserting an ear tip into your ear isn't always enough to form a perfect seal. To get the tip into a comfortable position, gently tug on the outside rim of your ear. When the tip is properly positioned, you should notice a reduction in ambient noise. When listening to music, you'll hear increased range, particularly bass.

Secure your earphones for sports

If your earphones tend to fall out while exercising, try looping the cable that connects them behind your head and around the top of each ear. Consider placing the side labelled "L" in your right ear and the side marked "R" in your left ear when using angled ear tips.

Get correctly fitted earphones at earLAB

Standard earplugs are convenient in the short term, at the cost of unpredictable performance. Custom earphones (when cast and fitted properly) reduce the chances of poor sound quality, poorer isolation, and pain and discomfort in your ears. Get custom ear impressions in Melbourne at earLAB. Contact one of our friendly team members today!