What is microsuction?

Microsuction is exactly what it sounds like: precise suction of the ear canal while viewing the area through a microscope (or magnifying device). It’s the most advanced method of ear wax removal, and in the past was only available from a specialist ENT clinician. This is slowly changing, though, as the benefits of microsuction are becoming better known.

microsuction ear wax removal, ear dirt removal

Why choose microsuction?

Compared with traditional ear wax removal methods (like syringing), microsuction is quick, easy and low-risk. You generally won’t need to apply drops for days beforehand, and the results are usually immediate. There’s no pain, no mess, and your ear stays dry, reducing the risk of infection. Your ear canal is also visible under surgical-quality illumination throughout, which makes the process both safe and precise.

What happens at my appointment?

First of all, we use an otoscope attached to a camera so you can see inside your own ear canal and we’ll examine your ears through special magnifying glasses, to see exactly what’s blocking your ears. Then we’ll insert the microsuction tip into your ear canal. You’ll hear a slight whooshing or whistling noise from the suction as it removes the wax – this is normal and if it gets uncomfortable, just let us know.

At this point, you’ll usually feel the incredible relief of unblocked ears. Occasionally, if the wax is very hard, we’ll use other instruments to remove it along with the microsuction. Very rarely, you may need to use olive oil ear drops to soften the wax, before returning for a follow-up appointment.

After ear wax removal using microsuction