What is noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and when am I at risk?

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when sensitive structures in the inner ear are damaged by brief or extended periods of exposure to loud sounds. NIHL usually happens with noise levels greater than 85decibels (dBs). Damage happens faster as noise levels increase above this threshold.

How long does the custom earplug process take?

Your initial consultation will be 30 minutes. Following that, your finished ear plugs will be available within a couple of weeks, with a follow up consultation in which we’ll demonstrate how to fit them and ensure they’re comfortable. (Of course, if you’re happy with self-fitting they can be posted directly to you. An express postage fee of $12.80 is applicable, Australia-wide.)

What happens at my appointment?

We start by ensuring that your ear canals are clear, since if there’s any wax built up, we’ll need to remove it before proceeding. (Please note there’s an additional charge if microsuction is required.) Next, we’ll insert a small cotton wool a short distance inside your ear canals. You’ll be asked to hold a bite block between your teeth, while we insert the tip of the syringe into your ear and slowly fill your ear canals completely. We use the Phonak Otoform AK - A+B 2 green component as impression material, which takes approximately five minutes to harden. Then we’ll release the mould, and give your ears a final inspection.

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Are there discounts for multiple orders?

Yes – please let us know how many you’d like to order.

When will I get my earplugs?

Turnaround time is usually 10 to 15 working days after your impression has been made.

Are the filters interchangeable?

Yes – if you find yourself needing more (or less) protection, you can also easily buy and fit different filters without getting new custom earplugs made.

How long will my earplugs last?

Under normal wear, a pair should last 4-5 years. If used in extreme or humid climates, replace every 6-8 months, or 3-4 months if used heavily. Our suppliers keep impressions on file digitally for 2 years so if you would likes another set in that time you can order without taking new impressions. Keep in mind that your ears never stop growing, so your earmould should be repeated for subsequent pairs.

My earmoulds are uncomfortable – can they be modified?

Fitting issues should be addressed as soon as possible, within a month of your purchase. There is no additional charge to change the fitting unless you decide to change the design – for example, adding cords and grips. If the fitting issue is severe and we suspect it might be a problem with your impression, then we’ll need a new impression taken.


How do I clean my earplugs?

Follow the instructions given in the care and maintenance guide that you received along with your plus. You may need to use the small wire loop tool that you received to remove wax residue regularly.

Do my earplugs have a warranty?

All products come with a 30 day warranty period for problems with fit, and 12 months’ warranty on build defects and faulty components. For full details see our suppliers’ terms and conditions on ACS and Pacific Ears products.

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